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The 0-emission fridge

Our refrigerators are increasingly more energy efficient, but they contain refrigerant gases that can potentially be pollutants. An idea from the past could now give us a truly green fridge. A green fridge that uses no electricity and contains no harmful gases? It sounds like a modern-day innovation but it was actually invented by Einstein […]

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Frigido. When cold becomes art

Alice Pedroletti, a young Milanese artist, chose the cold (frigidus) as a way to break with existing form for an event organised by Frigodiffusione at Frigoriferi Milanesi.. Alice Pedroletti is a young artist and photographer who focuses her craft on the many aspects of life and vision. Her works explore the relationship between man and […]

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Where talented minds blossom and grow

TAG offers much more than just low-cost offices. Sharing workspaces, ideas and professional skills stimulates creativity: this is the secret behind the Talent Gardens. In a garden the different plants all germinate and grow together to create a marvellous environment where they all simultaneously collaborate and compete, influencing each other to establish a real ecosystem […]

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Quality and savings: more G.A.S., less cash

Simple, direct, universal. Solidarity purchasing groups propose a different relationship between producers and consumers that revolves around people and the environment. G.A.S. is an acronym for “gruppi di acquisto solidale” or solidarity purchasing groups. These groups aim to give a new meaning to the chain of production processes by reorganising them with direct, stable relations […]

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Move your fridge for cheaper bills…

We can save energy in the home by making a series of changes in our everyday lives that can have a significant impact on our energy consumption and how much we pay for our bills. Take Adiconsum’s word for it. Pietro Giordano – President of Adiconsum, the Italian Consumer and Environmental Protection Association The energy […]

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Young ideas for food and sustainability

The first international BCFN YES! Young Earth Solutions contest created by the Barilla Center to provide young people with a voice for their best ideas on the subject of “Food and sustainability: how can we reduce our environmental impact while guaranteeing health and access to food for everyone.” The Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition […]

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All aboard for fine dining

Trams replace the hurly-burly of city life with the leisurely pace of a 5-star dinner. Tram restaurants have been transformed from public transport into exclusive eateries with unique views of a city on the go. Dishes created by international Michelin-starred chefs, the finest wines, exquisitely decorated interiors, sophisticated, ultramodern design, and on-the-go panoramic views of […]

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Cold on the road

To keep your food cool when travelling in a camper van, especially in the summer, ensuring your vehicle is fitted with a suitable compressor or hybrid three-way fridge is an absolute must… There are two main categories of fridges for campers, caravans and motorhomes: built-in camper fridges and mobile camper fridges. The technology used in […]

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The Zeer pot: a fridge for Darfur

A small technology inspired by ancient traditions that enables people in Nigeria to store their food for longer even without electricity. Meet the Zeer pot. Storing perishable foodstuffs correctly is a serious problem in countries in the Emerging World, where malnutrition is one of the main causes of death. Africa has a wealth of many […]

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The ice quest

Venturing deep into untouched countryside on a quest for glacial landscapes, The Fridge Foundation set out to find the coldest destinations so you can choose the best routes for your real arctic adventure. Discovering the beauty of Northern Norway, chasing the light displays of the aurora borealis, marvelling at the fjords and the unspoiled countryside […]

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