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Young ideas for food and sustainability

The first international BCFN YES! Young Earth Solutions contest created by the Barilla Center to provide young people with a voice for their best ideas on the subject of “Food and sustainability: how can we reduce our environmental impact while guaranteeing health and access to food for everyone.” The Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition […]

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Host family, host fridge

19-year-old Tomke Giedigkeit comes from the city of Oldenburg in northern Germany. She came to Italy in August to work as an au pair for a family in Milan city centre. Tomke looks after three children and does the housework in return for board, lodging and weekly spending money. So how does she get on […]

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All aboard for fine dining

Trams replace the hurly-burly of city life with the leisurely pace of a 5-star dinner. Tram restaurants have been transformed from public transport into exclusive eateries with unique views of a city on the go. Dishes created by international Michelin-starred chefs, the finest wines, exquisitely decorated interiors, sophisticated, ultramodern design, and on-the-go panoramic views of […]

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Cold on the road

To keep your food cool when travelling in a camper van, especially in the summer, ensuring your vehicle is fitted with a suitable compressor or hybrid three-way fridge is an absolute must… There are two main categories of fridges for campers, caravans and motorhomes: built-in camper fridges and mobile camper fridges. The technology used in […]

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The Zeer pot: a fridge for Darfur

A small technology inspired by ancient traditions that enables people in Nigeria to store their food for longer even without electricity. Meet the Zeer pot. Storing perishable foodstuffs correctly is a serious problem in countries in the Emerging World, where malnutrition is one of the main causes of death. Africa has a wealth of many […]

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The ice quest

Venturing deep into untouched countryside on a quest for glacial landscapes, The Fridge Foundation set out to find the coldest destinations so you can choose the best routes for your real arctic adventure. Discovering the beauty of Northern Norway, chasing the light displays of the aurora borealis, marvelling at the fjords and the unspoiled countryside […]

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High-altitude fridges

Have you ever wondered how fridges on aeroplanes are made and work? With help from jet pilot Lorenzo The Fridge Foundation has discovered how cabin crews keep our meals and drinks fresh. How did you start your career as an airline pilot and how long have you been flying? I started flying in 2005 when […]

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The freeze experience

The Fridge Foundation went on a quest to discover the world’s ice bars. Built entirely from ice, you can sip a drink at 5° below zero and find out what life in a freezer is really like. With a refined, dreamlike atmosphere created by the transparent designs of ice sculptures, blue lighting and spectacular interiors, […]

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Keeping cold on the high seas

Marco Brivio from Bcool Engineering reveals the secrets behind the refrigeration systems designed for the marine market, plus bespoke projects for demanding customers in which energy efficiency is vitally important. What features do refrigerators on boats and ships need to have? Everything on a boat needs to have very specific, high-quality features. Well-designed details and […]

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My passions: travel and sailing

We interviewed Giovanni Soldini during his journey on the Maserati that set sail on 31st December and successfully beat one of the most exhilarating records in sailing history. The challenge faced by Giovanni Soldini and his crew of eight sailors reached a triumphant conclusion. They covered the 13,225 miles separating New York from San Francisco […]

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