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From warehouse to art guild

Frigoriferi Milanesi is the warehouse where furs were once stored during summer. Today its activity has changed to be in line with cultural trends. Frigoriferi Milanesi was established in 1899 as an ice factory and refrigeration warehouse to meet the needs of a population which at that time were very far from the comfortable habits […]

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Mountain fragrances

A culinary travel to Alto Adige: the fragrances and perfumed aromas from mountain huts, rivers and farms tell you the history of this generous and authentic land. In the land of the Dolomites, silent and imposing mountains overlooking the valley, cuisine is a hymn to nature. Each season has its own features but it is […]

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Paint your fridge

The refrigerator is one of the most popular household appliances, and also the most customized one. Make use of various ideas to make it original. Genuine collectables! Magnets have become very popular, and there are many dedicated websites for their purchase or trade. A real passion for magnets involves a great variety of subjects and […]

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Pet’s diet

Interview with Giada and Titti Boccolini. Giada is 6 years old, lives in the Principality of Monaco, and has her own fridge to store her favourite foods. It wouldn’t sound strange except for the fact that Giada is a little dog. Tell us about you, what are your passions? I’m a Parson Russel, I’m the […]

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Food and sport

A fit and healthy body is the result of a diet and a fitness regimen. Antonio Bertoglio, personal trainer with 30-year experience, has told us about his job and life habits. What is the main target of a personal trainer? How much does nutrition influence on our life style? A personal trainer studies a customized […]

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In the fridge of a restaurant

Osteria Al Molo 13 is a historic restaurant of Milan. We met with Massimiliano Zucca, the founder’s son, and he spoke with their passion for Sardinia and the importance of products freshness. Why did you decide to open a restaurant? The idea derives from our entrepreneurial mind and my father’s passion. He learned the job […]

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So what about the fridge of the future? Here it is!

The next generation of refrigerators will be smart and sensitive towards our needs. They have just been presented at IFA, the most important trade show for consumer electronics in Europe which takes place in Berlin every September. Our fridge is almost like an electronic butler, we make certain that our foods are well-stored and kept […]

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Kids, lunch is ready!

Food education starts from early childhood: children start tasting foods, discovering different flavours and learning how to eat well. We have met a teacher from an important nursery school in Milan, actively involved in teaching the importance of a healthy diet without giving up pleasure. What is the school’s role in food education? It plays […]

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Have fun, have lunch!

Teaching kids the importance of a healthy diet is an investment for the future. The nutritionist Cristiana Pozzi explained to us how to teach children about food education. Food education should be introduced to children at early age. How can a family’s behavior influence children’s food habits? Families play an extremely important role in children’s […]

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Food education without trouble

The Fridge Foundation has interviewed Paolo Crepet, prominent psychiatrist and writer. We met up with him in his resort La Corte della Maestà, located in the small town Civita di Bagnoregio, a unique place in Italy. Situated between the splendid towns of Orvieto and Viterbo, Corte delle Maestà is an antique residence found in the […]

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