The freeze experience

The Fridge Foundation went on a quest to discover the world’s ice bars. Built entirely from ice, you can sip a drink at 5° below zero and find out what ...


Keeping cold on the high seas

Marco Brivio from Bcool Engineering reveals the secrets behind the refrigeration systems designed for the marine market, plus bespoke projects for demanding customers in which energy efficiency is vitally important. ...


My passions: travel and sailing

We interviewed Giovanni Soldini during his journey on the Maserati that set sail on 31st December and successfully beat one of the most exhilarating records in sailing history. The challenge ...



The Zeer pot: a fridge for Darfur

A small technology inspired by ancient traditions that enables people in Nigeria ...

The ice quest

Venturing deep into untouched countryside on a quest for glacial landscapes, The ...

High-altitude fridges

Have you ever wondered how fridges on aeroplanes are made and work? ...


The Fridge Foundation #3


#3 FaceFridge

When you open the door to someone’s fridge you can learn a lot about their habits, vices and virtues: it’s not just the food, even the quantity and quality and which shelf it’s on can reveal the behind-the-scene details of all our lives. So, tell me about your fridge, and I’ll tell you who you […]


The fridge according to Greenpeace

Giuseppe Onufrio, the Director of Greenpeace Italia, explains the project for a refrigerator designed in the 1990s to create an alternative not only to the use of ozone-depleting CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons, banded by the Montreal Protocol), but also the HFC (hydrofluorocarbons) greenhouse gases What is the GreenFreeze project? We aimed to find low-impact alternatives in order […]

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When cold saves lives

Doctor Antonio Secchi, the coordinator of the transplant unit at San Raffaele Hospital, explains how organs are transported and preserved to The Fridge Foundation. This is when cold and time play an essential role in saving lives. How are organs transported in Italy? Do you have special refrigerators? Organs that are suitable for transplant are […]


The 0-emission fridge

Our refrigerators are increasingly more energy efficient, but they contain refrigerant gases that can potentially be pollutants. An idea from the past could now give us a truly green fridge. A green fridge that uses no electricity and contains no harmful gases? It sounds like a modern-day innovation but it was actually invented by Einstein […]


The fridge’s warm heart

Waking up and discovering that the fridge has gone; it’s embarked on an environmental mission to save the arctic ice from melting. This is the story told by Franco Sacchetti in his book “La Marcia dei Frigoriferi Verso il Polo Nord” (March of the Refrigerators to the North Pole), an environmental fable that appeals to […]


Frigido. When cold becomes art

Alice Pedroletti, a young Milanese artist, chose the cold (frigidus) as a way to break with existing form for an event organised by Frigodiffusione at Frigoriferi Milanesi.. Alice Pedroletti is a young artist and photographer who focuses her craft on the many aspects of life and vision. Her works explore the relationship between man and […]


Museums? No, Swedish supermarkets

Entrepreneur Damiano Mazzarella emigrated from sunny Rome to chilly Malmo in Sweden. He loves doing the shopping because Swedish supermarkets seem like museums. His fridge is full of healthy, fresh food to ensure a good diet for his three children. Rome to Sweden. What drove you to make such a drastic life change? Everyone has […]


Hostels on a par with hotels

Hostelling International – known as AIG in Italy – offers a bona fide lowcost alternative for people who really want to see the world. We spoke with Lucia Chessa, who runs the youth hostel in Milan. AIG, the Italian Youth Hostels Association, currently has more than one hundred hostels, making it the largest accommodation chain […]


Where talented minds blossom and grow

TAG offers much more than just low-cost offices. Sharing workspaces, ideas and professional skills stimulates creativity: this is the secret behind the Talent Gardens. In a garden the different plants all germinate and grow together to create a marvellous environment where they all simultaneously collaborate and compete, influencing each other to establish a real ecosystem […]